5 Reasons to Install an SSL Certificate on Your Website

In this blog, we will talk about the importance of SSL certificate for a website. If you think this feature is a luxury, you want to think again. Today, from a security standpoint, this is a requirement of any website, be it personal or professional. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you might want to go for certification.

1.   SSL Protects Data

Basically, the function of this certificate is to give protection for server-client communication. It helps to encrypt every part of information. In other words, all types of data are locked and can only be accessed through the server or browser of the desired recipient. When it comes to handling sensitive data such as credit card numbers, passwords and IDs, SSL plays an important role and provides protection against scammers and hackers.

2.   SSL Affirms Your Identity

Another major role of SSL certification is to certify the website. When it comes to web security, identity verification is important. Every year, many newcomers lose thousands of dollars because of fake websites.

You must go through a powerful validation process to establish an SSL certificate. This process is established by a reliable authority well known as a Certificate Authority.  Depending on the type of certificate, the officer verifies the identity of the person or organization. After this process, your website or blog will be given confidence indicators.

3.   Better Search Engine Ranking

In 2014, the search engine giant Google changed its algorithms to give an edge to websites that had the HTTPS tag. According to many studies conducted by different experts on search engine optimization, there is a strong correlation between high search engine rankings and HTTPS.

4.   SSL Helps You Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements

If your business allocated in products and services that are offered online, you may have a system of online payments. If you want to receive payments online payments, your business website must be PCI compliant. For this compliance, you required to meet 12 requirements. One of these requirements must be an SSL certificate. Therefore, you should have this certificate.

5.   SSL Improves Customer Trust

Aside from account equations and encryption, SSL certificates are important when it comes to customer trust. This certificate is an indication that the website is trustworthy. By installing this certificate, your buyers will be able to see some important details of your company. These details help them recognize that you are a legitimate entity. As a result, they are more likely to buy from you than from other businesses out there.

Google Makes SSL Mandatory in 2018

To give a safer browser experience from 2018 onwards, Google has decide to flag the websites which do not have an SSL/TLS Certificate installed on their websites. If anyone fails to comply with this rule, all popular web browsers used around the world, such as Google Chrome and Firefox Mozilla, will penalize them with a ‘not secure’ warning message on the URL bar. I it could be realizable that in near future website may even get blocked to load on the browser. You do not have any website, from any personal blog to any shopping portal SSL is mandatory and not following along with it can result in loss of visitors who do not want to face the website owner.

Wrap Up

Secure Sockets Layer Certificate can greatly enhancement your engagement by instilling a sense of trust in your customers. If a competitive hurdle is throwing a wrench into the functioning of your website, this is the time when you might consider purchasing an SSL certificate and turn your website visitors into customers. It will help them win their loyalty and build your business as a reputable.