5 Ways to Secure Your Digital Content

The number of internet users is increasing every year, so does the time spent online. According to Statista, in 2020, the number of active Internet users reached 66.6666 billion, which is 59% of the global population who spend 15 minutes spent every day on social media.

Internet businesses, communications and entertainment overlap so strongly that no private user or company is willing to give it up easily. This big convenience leads to one big internet concern - data online data security. For example, the U.S. In 2020 alone there were 1001 reported cases of data breaches, and 155.8 million individuals suffered from disclosing their sensitive information expos online.

However, companies can takings some effective measures to secure their digital data and content. In this article, we will explain how to protect your content online and how to avoid cyber threats.

Why Do You Need to Secure Your Data?

Information security is an essential element for the achievement and survival of any business. Companies have to make sure that no sensitive customer data, bank account information, or any proprietary info becomes exposed to third-parties or cyber criminals. For this, businesses need to realize the negative consequences they may face in case of a weak data protection. Let's take a look at the main points.

Who Do You Need to Secure Yourself From?

When considering their digital content and data security, companies need to realize who could pose a threat to their data. Let's take a look at three organizations that may be interested in your business data.

Ways of Protecting Your Digital Content

Here is a list of advanced technologies and techniques that will help companies protect their digital content and prevent its theft.


Today, mobile, web, and desktop applications represents open system. They can easily integrate with third-party services like Facebook, Google and others, and exchange data with them. As a result, some private data may be exposed and require strong security. Software developers use one of the most effective ways to secure sensitive information - encryption.

Encryption is the process of encoding data for its secure exchange over the Internet. To do this, software developers use a variety of encryption types, such as symmetry that works with a private key, and asymmetry that requires two keys to encrypt and decrypt data - a public key and a private key.

To send encrypted content via the Internet, users can use a variety of content-encryption tools. They help keep it secure and unchanged, ensuring that businesses exchange genuine data with their customers and partners.

  Digital rights management (DRM)

Digital rights management solutions are another way to protect content from unauthorized viewing. These tools protect videos, audio files and text from illegal distribution and posting online. For this, content creators need to purchase a specialized program that encrypts and packages their content. Only users with a DRM license can access the encrypted information.


Tokenization is one more way to save data. Tokenization is the process of encrypting a piece of data such as a URL and attaching it to a token. Token will serve as a reference to the encrypted data though it has no meaning or regard in case it’s hacked. This way content providers can create special secure URLs with validation access to a site or build the access temporary.


Watermarking is an effective way to prevent Internet customers from distributing video content illegally. For this, content creators can put invisible watermarks on their videos. These watermarks may include IP address, customer ID or their name. If the purchaser posts a copy of the video online, a special program can decode the watermark and identify the purchaser.


Content creators can define the area where they want to provide access to their data. This way, no visitors from outside will be able to see the content. This technology is called geofencing and is frequently used on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and others.

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