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Webtual, A Microsoft Registered Partner And A Quest Silver Partner Has 10+Year Experience In Office 365 Consulting, Development, Migration And Implemented Many Corporates Projects Successful On Office 365 Platform.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of tools used to import, aggregate and present data in the form of immersive and easy-to-digest reports and visuals. Power BI is recognized as a leader among analytics and BI platforms by the major research companies (Gartner, Forrester, IDC, etc.). Best for data analysis for non-technical business users.

  • Data ingestion

    Ingesting various data structures, including relational data, big data, IoT data, streaming data. File data sources, databases, Azure data source ecosystem, online services.

  • Data modeling

    AI-powered data modeling with AutoML, Cognitive Services, Azure ML (Power BI Premium). Speedy search for trends and displaying for an entire dataset.

  • Analytics

    Through ML models created in Azure Machine Learning Studio. Real-time streaming with Power BI REST APIs, Streaming Dataset UI, Azure Stream Analytics to display and update real-time data.

Power BI
Power App & Portal

Power App & Portal

Power Apps is an indispensable tool to drive the digital transformation of your organization. It is another initiative of Microsoft leaders to provide entrepreneurs that belong to non-technical backgrounds to develop scalable mobile apps. PowerApps has connections to various Microsoft-based and third-party applications, including Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, and OneDrive in the Office 365 productivity suite, as well as Dropbox, Google Docs, SAP, Oracle, Dynamics CRM, etc...

  • Seamless Digitization

    PowerApps will leverage your business logic and advanced capabilities to rework your traditional business processes to digital, machine-driven processes.

  • Responsive by default

    Further, apps engineered through PowerApps are responsive by default and always run seamlessly irrespective of the browser or mobile devices (phone or tablet).

  • Code free development

    PowerApps "democratizes" the custom business app-building expertise by providing users the ability to make feature-rich, custom business apps without writing a single line of code.

Power Automation

Equip everyone in your organization to build automated solutions seamlessly. Power Automate provides a single platform that brings together robotic and digital process automation. Quickly start modeling your processes by connecting to all your data in Azure.

  • Simulate multiple scenarios

    Users can automate their favorite web apps with the Web Recorder or capture on-screen elements for Windows apps with the Desktop Recorder.

  • Applications with key actions

    Users can automate both modern, Windows applications and legacy systems with a diverse set of actions—without making changes to their existing IT infrastructure.

  • Track workflows anywhere

    Give users the power of managing workflows and business process automation while on the go. For example, let them schedule notifications, record their work hours, or track approvals in a CRM platform.

Power Automation
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