8 Web Development Trends Every CTO Should Be Ready for in 2021

Web development trends change on an annual basis, large or small, depending on the dynamics of user preferences. For decision makers, it is important to get acquainted with them in order to face the ever-increasing competition in the same industries. Thus, today Vodworks IT experts have prepared a piece of complete information about web development trends that will grow in 2021. Let us assume that 2021 will revolutionize CTO efforts and we are:

Progressive Web Apps

It is one of the latest trends in web development and drives the global web headlong – capturing the website browsing experience just like the original mobile apps. In short, PWA is a website that introduces the functionality of native applications such as hardware access, sending push notifications and offline likes access. Specifically, app report that 80% of normal time users spend on their gadgets. Here, PWAs is skilled in helping with troubleshooting issues like common problems, own laziness and offline like access. To make PWA, you can use angular, reaction or polymer technique. Brands like Alibaba, Forbes, Twitter, Virgin America and The Washington Post are using PWA and suggest increasing conversions and reducing load time.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google has taken thoughtful steps to enrich the spirit of mobile browsing. The establishment initially introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages in 2015 and is currently one of the modern trends in web technology. This technology is shaped to inspire building websites that load immediately and work comfortably on mobile devices. It takes 2 seconds to load AMP pages and 22 seconds on non-AMP pages. AMP pages can accelerate a website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) and are also great for boosting SEO. You can use purpose built AMP HTML open framework for your project.

Responsive Websites

Even though web development trends for 2021 are being talk about with PWA and AMP – however, you will still find some old-styled responsive web designs. The reason is that previously it was not important to create a responsible design – but now it is a must. This is because of the relocate in technology. Now, most users prefer mobile phones on desktop. Because of this shift, Google has started mobile-first indexing. As such, your website will only be ranked if you have optimized it well for mobile devices.

Voice Search Optimization

Rendering to Gartner, 30% of searches in 2021 will be done without a screen. The study suggests that by 2021, 21.4 million smart speakers will be in the U.S. alone. Then, by 2022, sales of voicemail commerce will grow to 5 5 billion in the UK alone and 40 40 billion in the US alone. Therefore, presenting this study and the actual state of the market – and voice is search optimization can not miss the drift CTO. It should be a part of your SEO and tech stack – in addition, Voice  Data can have a Web Speech API. APIs are divided into two elements: speech recognition and synthesis. Speech recognition is used for voice framework and replies to enquiries . Whereas, speech synthesis is a text-to-speech module that lets scripts send content.

API-First Development

Recent current suggest that web solutions need to connect easily with every application. These are mainly numerous wearable, mobile and much more. Integration should be integrated, and devices should be easily integrated with each other. This is where you have to focus on API-first development. API – You can use a swagger or API blueprint to create the first design.

Push Notifications

It’s a powerful tool for enhancing your business’s user experience and advertising efforts. Traditionally, mobile apps have a strong and humble aptitude for user notifications – in contrast, web apps receive promotion here as well. In addition, push notifications applied to web applications are used to deliver updates such as the latest blog post, recent changes or stock-out notifications, etc. There are plenty of solutions to use when you want to create browser push notifications such as OneSignal, PushEngage, Zoop and PushCrew.

AI-Driven Chatbots

This technology is useful for businesses that operate around the clock and in different time zones. The aim is to provide seamless customer support without compromising on the quality or availability of staff during odd hours. However, due to the change in web development trends you can now offer automated and seamless client support 24/7. Chatbots powered by AI and machine learning have proven to be commendable assets for this functionality. They can take orders, connect with full human assistance, respond to FAQs, or resolve or notify a complaint. Use any of the following open-source bot structure technologies like Microsoft Bot Framework, Facebook Bot Engine, or Dialogflow to build a chatbot.

Advanced Motion UI

The Motion UI Library is a flawless solution to grab users’ attention with sleek animations. The library is proficient in enlivening design essentials with elegance and allows developers to play with them as per demand. It is flexible and works easily with any JavaScript framework.

Wrap Up

For each CTO, the main purpose is to ensure that the business is up-to-date for its clients, and provides attractive features to maintain it. Thus, it is time for you to update your web product in 2021. Join a web development company to get the latest solutions and techniques for the stated purpose.

If you act quickly and choose the right strategy – it will not only save your business but also pave the way for new growth in 2021 and beyond. You can access certified IT professionals from our Talent Pool, including Project Managers, Architects, Systems / Business Analysts, Developers, Infrastructure Specialists.

Here are the Top Reasons why Python is so Popular?

The world is always moving fast with the speed of increasing technology. Artificial reality, virtual actuality, data science are the new wonders of technology that will lead the world in the coming decade. Such growth demands rapid upgrading of technology and meeting growing expectations. Python is one of the technologies that is upgraded every year to help developers build future ready-made web applications. Currently, more than 8 million Python full stack developers worldwide are enabling Python development services. Google, Instagram and Quora are some of the business

giants that use Python development in their most used products. With boss following a technology, the question of Why Python seems to have plenty of answers.

More than 3% of all sites on the Internet are powered by Python and its framework. For web development, Python has over 147,000+ packages that make it easy for developers to reduce the time it takes to get to market. Python programming language was the second most search term in Google Trends in the last few years.

For businesses, Python has start frameworks like Django and Flask which simplify the web development procedure. The Python has evolved over the years for future challenges. It is behind complex data science computation and systems. It is clearly apparent from the modernization of language that Python is going to dominate in the future years.

Here are the Top Reasons Why Python is So Popular? 

Numerous Frameworks 

From developing  MVP to a growing startup for a fully developed web application for businesses, Python has a variety of frameworks for different purposes. Django, pyramids, turbogears and flasks are the most widely used Python frameworks. Due to its compatibility with database and code reuse capabilities, Django are gaining the most popularity among them all. Python with Django is very affordable for web development scaling businesses.

Pyramid enables Python to develop small projects that can get smaller at any time with the addition of functions. TurboGears is for fast and agile web development with Python. It has a variety of components that are ready to use, saving a lot of time for developers. Flask enables MVP construction with prototype-based functions for lean methodology.

It Supports Multiple Programming Languages

Unlike other programming languages ​​that give developers limited freedom, Python is a self-contained language. With Python, the developer can create projects of any size with the desired functions. The example of Python Development Services stands in every industry.  For startups, the adjustability of python is favoured and therefore it is becoming more popular in the industry. Its freedom for the developer to handle in OOPs, Functional paradigm or procedural paradigm makes it one of the best programming languages for any type of web development.

Python libraries have pre-written code, which will save a lot of time in the development phase. Python development enables businesses to test and try very fast without loss of resources.

Integration with Other Technologies

With rapid innovation in the technology sector, some technologies, especially for enterprise application, are at the forefront of the field. Python is preferred for web development for one more reason. It allows various technologies like Java, C, C ++ to work with Python and its framework. Through C, C ++ and Java and there method calls are possible. .NET technology is popular in enterprise web development and Python works consistently with it. The Python mobile application is mostly a combination of different technologies.

Apart from this, only with Python it is possible to combine old infrastructure and new infrastructure. That makes the python a very unique technique.

It is one of the simplest technology 

Learning Python is fun for most developers. With hundreds of libraries, simple syntax formats and support materials available, developers are opting for Python web programming. They have a clear and unequivocal relationship between all the elements of the Python language. The low entry barrier for starting Python is also a factor in building a good list of developers. Data Visualization is getting more observation due to the value of the database increasing day by day. In web development, capturing data and analyzing it for greater customer experience is in demand skill where Python fits perfectly.

Portability and Server Side Scripting

Sometimes developers call Python “Glue language” because of its similarity with other technologies. Embedding Python in a variety of apps even if they are built in other languages is a easy task. Connecting different components increases the interactivity of Python. Server side scripting with Python is a lightning speedy process. Connected modules in Python web programming allow back-end development to be accelerated. Used by Google and Instagram, Python has the incredible potential to handle millions of users in real-time. Dynamic economics in Python is accelerating the prototyping phase for startups and also testing their models. It enhances the usefulness of the Python web development framework.


As there are many tools and modules available, Python language can help a lot in automation of tasks. The Python language allows you to reach advanced levels of automation by integrating simple lines of Python codes. Not only is that but Python also considered as the best performance booster in software testing. Also, Python is very convenient for beginners and new kids. This gives Python the advantage as an automation language choice, as automation tests need to be completed quickly and efficiently. Nowadays, lot of manual software testers began to take advantage of the automated function of the Python’s low learning curve.

Versatile and reliable

Despite being 30 years old, the Python language is still the most versatile, reliable and fastest language than any other language. Ask any Python backend developer and they will agreed. Python is the most reliable language because it can be used in any type of web development without performance loss matter. In addition, Python’s various languages include desktop applications, hardware programming, and mobile applications. But, it is mainly used in web development. Major tech giants rely on python language like Google, Yahoo and Disney to name just a few.

Django supports best practices for web development

Django is a high-level structure supported only by Python. Django is a blessing for website developers. It allows Python programmers to model domains, code classes, and human-readable website URLs. One of the main reasons Python is the best choice for web development is the simplicity of the building template. Sites and services such as the Washington Post, The New York Times, Instagram, Pinterest and The Guardian rely heavily on Python’s Django. In addition, Django is also helpful in SEO practice. Django Python allows developers to enter keywords in URLs when ranking sites. So, the SEO team will be grateful to you.

Machine learning and Cloud computing

Right now, machine learning and cloud computing are the most used trends in the world of computer science. Many organizations are using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to improve workflows and transform processes. However, Python is the second most popular programming language in the computer science world, the most widely used language in machine learning and cloud computing. Every day thousands of machine learning projects use Python libraries like OpenCV for computer vision. Plus, due to its wide variety such as ease of analysis, a large number of R&D.

(Research and development) takes place in the language of the python. Many giant companies like Amazon and Flipkart are taking advantage of the Python language to improve the data processing workload.

Python is flexible for building prototypes

Ideation is the most main aspect of web development. Python is considered the simplest language of programming and lets you do more with less code. It helps build prototypes quickly and saves time without any hassle. Python is so flexible that it does not prevent developers from trying something new and developing any kind of website or web application. Yahoo was once a prototype and later became the most read website in 2016.


Python is growing rapidly for web development. It is a clean, reliable and easy programming language to understand. This programming language allows developers to achieve many different goals without the hassle of things. Python is a worldwide language that is used all over the world and every year more and more web-developers are selected this language. Not only that but huge companies like Google, Yahoo, Pinterest and Dropbox also rely entirely on Python.

5 Reasons to Install an SSL Certificate on Your Website

In this blog, we will talk about the importance of SSL certificate for a website. If you think this feature is a luxury, you want to think again. Today, from a security standpoint, this is a requirement of any website, be it personal or professional. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you might want to go for certification.

1.   SSL Protects Data

Basically, the function of this certificate is to give protection for server-client communication. It helps to encrypt every part of information. In other words, all types of data are locked and can only be accessed through the server or browser of the desired recipient. When it comes to handling sensitive data such as credit card numbers, passwords and IDs, SSL plays an important role and provides protection against scammers and hackers.

2.   SSL Affirms Your Identity

Another major role of SSL certification is to certify the website. When it comes to web security, identity verification is important. Every year, many newcomers lose thousands of dollars because of fake websites.

You must go through a powerful validation process to establish an SSL certificate. This process is established by a reliable authority well known as a Certificate Authority.  Depending on the type of certificate, the officer verifies the identity of the person or organization. After this process, your website or blog will be given confidence indicators.

3.   Better Search Engine Ranking

In 2014, the search engine giant Google changed its algorithms to give an edge to websites that had the HTTPS tag. According to many studies conducted by different experts on search engine optimization, there is a strong correlation between high search engine rankings and HTTPS.

4.   SSL Helps You Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements

If your business allocated in products and services that are offered online, you may have a system of online payments. If you want to receive payments online payments, your business website must be PCI compliant. For this compliance, you required to meet 12 requirements. One of these requirements must be an SSL certificate. Therefore, you should have this certificate.

5.   SSL Improves Customer Trust

Aside from account equations and encryption, SSL certificates are important when it comes to customer trust. This certificate is an indication that the website is trustworthy. By installing this certificate, your buyers will be able to see some important details of your company. These details help them recognize that you are a legitimate entity. As a result, they are more likely to buy from you than from other businesses out there.

Google Makes SSL Mandatory in 2018

To give a safer browser experience from 2018 onwards, Google has decide to flag the websites which do not have an SSL/TLS Certificate installed on their websites. If anyone fails to comply with this rule, all popular web browsers used around the world, such as Google Chrome and Firefox Mozilla, will penalize them with a ‘not secure’ warning message on the URL bar. I it could be realizable that in near future website may even get blocked to load on the browser. You do not have any website, from any personal blog to any shopping portal SSL is mandatory and not following along with it can result in loss of visitors who do not want to face the website owner.

Wrap Up

Secure Sockets Layer Certificate can greatly enhancement your engagement by instilling a sense of trust in your customers. If a competitive hurdle is throwing a wrench into the functioning of your website, this is the time when you might consider purchasing an SSL certificate and turn your website visitors into customers. It will help them win their loyalty and build your business as a reputable.

Why is ReactJS Framework the first choice for web application development?

With the rise in global internet penetration, the need for dedicated web apps has skyrocketed. Compared to normal websites, the web application provides a more interactive user interface. Additionally, web application development provides greater flexibility in terms of integration of third-party tools. Unlike the desktop application, the web application eliminates the hassle of installing and uninstalling programs. You can access any program and on any device without having to worry about space or performance issues.

Nevertheless, web development demand the use of reliable and powerful technology that is safe and modern at the same time. Primarily, the frontline development of modern web applications and websites has completely changed. Here comes ReactJS, it is one of the most liked JavaScript libraries out there. Used by great technology companies for their programs, here we answer Respond to Web Development and discuss some of the big reasons to choose ReactJS Development for your web application development needs

Benefits of ReactJS 

With its flexibility and customization options, ReactJS currently has few competitors. The advantages that library offers are the ones that make it very popular. Here are some advantage answering why ReactJS for web development and web app development.

It offers fast rendering

By removing the heavy code present in bootstrapping libraries like JQuery, it provides quicker performance for the virtual DOM application used by ReactJS. Any changes made to the JSX are also updated with the Virtual DOM and eventually the actual DOM. While other frameworks slow down the entire process of data transactions using actual DOM thus reducing application performance.

It is SEO-friendly

With increasing competition in websites to attract user attention, SEO has become more important than ever. Along with the qualitative aspects, it is also important to keep the search engine tim optimization strategy sound at the technical level. The faster processing helps the application and websites to load quickly making it stand at the top in Search engine scrutiny.

Better Rendering

React is created in a way to lower a load of DOM operations on the application thus making it quicker. Working with a framework using an actual DOM causes various problems in the data structure. Simple changes to such changes can disarrange the entire layout of the UI. ReactJS’s virtual DOM model has overcome this problem to give better results.

It’s easy to learn

The biggest reason to use ReactJS development is that it is much easier to learn than other available options. Furthermore, feedback web application and mobile application development modules follow similar methods. So the user can use it again and again for different purposes without referring to different resources. Also, there are regular updates in documentation to make it up to date with all the new exchange.

Strong community support

Having a large number of developers working with the technology certify that you get plenty of options when looking for web development services. Also, the huge developer base regularly churns out new developments with the library to make it more suitable for the present.  ​You can find forums and discussion boards dedicated to ReactJS all over the internet.

Reusable Components

ReactJS addresses a big issue for developers where they had to develop every component from scratch. Feedback allows developers to create features in the form of reusable components that can be used multiple times in different parts of the application. This greatly reduces the time involved in the development process, thus reducing financial costs.

It offer better code stability

The clean data structure built in ReactJS ensures that there is complete stability of code even in high-performance environments. Fault-tolerant UI in React helps in better unit testing to prevent system crashes. Also, the code re-utility option helps developers save time for more important tasks.

One Way Data Binding

ReactJS is one of the few JavaScript library that uses a unilateral data binding model. This helps a lot when editing the components in the application. Any change construct in the parent element reflects in all the child elements while the opposite does not happen.  This keeps the entire design of the application intact even when there is a large amount of data.

Open Source Library

Facebook made ReactJS an open-source tool after its initial launch letting people collaboration and add further improvements. Today developers can access various tools offered by Facebook and other developers for free. While they can also add their improvements and tools to be accessed by others.

Mobile App Development with Native

Like web applications, mobile application development has also gained momentum in industries. If you need to create a mobile version of your web application, ReactJS provides React Native only dedicated to mobile application development. This one framework can be built for both Android and iOS, using apps.

Used by Popular Companies

ReactJS is currently used by some tech giants to power up their digital applications. These include big names like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and news publication house New York Times. Due to the involvement of large companies in the library, constant updates and new developments are a big answer to the question of how to use ReactJS development.

While ReactJS is a great technology, its effectiveness also depends on the experience and mastery of the developer working with it. An experienced development team can save and provide better ROI on the amount invested. So it is also important to find a quality development service when you need to work with ReactJs.

5 Ways You Can Develop User and Google Friendly E-Commerce Mobile App

Globalization has associated the limitations for business and communication as like never before. With the beginning of E-Commerce, the internet is renovated into a gigantic marketplace. Masses of successfully trades have appeared with the E-Commerce technologies and there are zillions folks to come. Although there are uncountable success stories to lookout for, the fact is that achieving success in E-Commerce is not very straightforward. With Ecommerce Website development Company that reaching a leading part of the market it is tough to build a captivating USP for your business.

In order to gain and retain customers, you have to offer the perfect shopping experience possible. An important option to create the best shopping experience is to connect with customers at every touch point and provide a beautiful service. However, we gives the touch points in E-Commerce business the major two to popular in the crown are mobile and website. Different businesses make the mistake of ignoring their app or creating one in a leading position.

Let’s talk about 5 ways to develop user and Google friendly ecommerce mobile apps:

1.   Design

A require of design of your store that plays a crucial function on how buyers act in your app. With a consideration of less than 8 seconds. It is imperative that your users must be able to quickly understand the app interface. Building a most complex design with a wide range of animations and also do text in the anticipation of inviting the user will at all times boomerang. It’s a way of simplification when it comes to the user interface. This will enhance the user experience with ease of accessibility.

2.   Security

Just in case of ecommerce, you can ask a lot of information from the customer. Some of this information includes bank account details, credit / debit card information, address and more. It works without saying you have to make sure your app is secure. You cannot just ask for such personal information and leave it for the hackers to achieve it. Pay attention to the security level of the application and make sure there are no flaws.

3.   Great Images

When it comes to Ecommerce website developers, your images combine your brand and your product with each other. A very usual slip-up made here is that individuals incline to save expenses experienced on a professional photographer. Taking snaps of product images from mobile or making use of poor quality or stock image will upset your company’s image. You need to make sure that your value is well connected to your images.

4.   Social Media Integration

People dislike the action. The lengthier questionnaire you provide them the superior inducement they will have to bounce the process and select the app they have previously registered for. With the help of social media integration, you can also simplify the registration and login process. Moreover, you can allow users to share their great shopping experience on social media which can help you achieve subsequent and tit-for-tat fame.

5.   Easy Checkout

The regular cart desegregation rate is only 67.91%. This is usually due to rating concerns, competition, search for the best options and many more. With a complex evaluation process, you simply provide your customers with a different reason to ignore your cart. Continue The checkout process is very simple, straightforward and clean. Likewise, you must make sure that you provide all the choices that the user wants to start the transaction. You can also provide an integral mobile wallet system to make the process as smooth as possible.

Also know the 5 reasons ecommerce importance for your business and how you can get the good from getting online this year!

Widen Your Brand

E-commerce is a perfect way to take your brand to the world’s top market. By offering the best products 24 hours throughout the day as well as online consumer service, blogs and social media, no expand is your business one remarkable store, with an online existing your business can be the homemade of your products and the universal home of your. Business that allow you to totally develop your product varieties without having to apprehension about relocating locations or distressing about not being able to grow your business.

More Convenient

All day store the online store exists, which means that your customers can visit your store for all time, deciding what their schedule is. Today, people do not every time have the time to physically go for shopping, in spite of increasingly people are opting to shop online to locate the items they need and if your business can provide this for your consumers there’s no you must not attract to a broader range of clienteles all searching for an accessible and flexible experience.

Enhance Your Reach

Because of the convenience of the internet, thousands of people around the world can test your website at any point, which means that those who grow their business and expand a large audience, you have many opportunities to work. Compare the amount you pull through a highway store or local ad without a website, if you are looking to increase your reach you should not focus on getting your business receiving receiving online.

Provides You Marketing Opportunities

Your website is one of the greatest marketing tools for your growing business has, this not only can the utilize the SEO when designing your site that heads to more possibilities of your business that is establishing in search engines, but a vast number of marketing practices can also function together with your website, comprising pay per click advertising, your social media marketing these entire comprise of links back to your website.

High Scalable

As your business grows almost certainly you want to nurture your product choice and your target audience, as well as grow your business to meet customer needs and customer demands. An ecommerce website let you measure your business as per as, enabling you to add more lines, comprise more payment choices and although develop when you opt to deliver without any concern about transforming your location or relocating to a bigger property as you could with a brick and mortar store.

5 Benefits Of WordPress For Personal And Business Websites

WordPress is so impressive that 30% of the world’s total websites are powered by this platform. These include their own websites and websites operated by large industries such as NBC, New York Post, Time Inc., and Sony, to name a few. You can download this content conduct system for free. It offers various unique features that make it easy for you to build your website. Let’s find out about some of the main advantages of this platform. Read on to find out more.

  • Flexible and Adaptable

Initially, WordPress was designed to power blogs for online publication. Over time, it continued to become popular. Today, it is used for various websites. It is an perfect choice for small businesses, large corporations and personal blogs. In fact, WordPress is so adjustable and adaptable that it is used even by the biggest e-commerce stores you can find these days.

Partly, because this platform supports a diversity of free and premium plugins. So, you can select any plugin based on your website. Apart from this, there is a grand collection of amazing themes.

  • User-friendly

This platform is so user friendly that you don’t need more than a few minutes to launch your website. And the beauty of this content management system is that it almost does not require technical skills. All you require is a domain name and a web hosting account. From there, you can handle your website through the admin dashboard. This system has all the features you need to customize your website based on your personal preferences.

  • Tons of Themes

Another great advantage of this content management system is that it offers you a lot of options to make your new website look beautiful. For example, you can select from many premium themes depending on the type of website you manage. You can preview live themes to make the best choice. So, you can be sure that the theme will match the content of your site.

  • Lots of Plugins

WordPress provides many elements to allow you to create a basic website. However, if you need specific functions, you can check the plugin directory provided by this content management system. Depending on the specific functions you want to perform, you can use the hundreds of plugins offered for free. Other amazing features involve contact forms, galleries and shopping carts.

  • WordPress websites Rank High

 If you want to get high rankings on major search engines including Google, make sure your website is searchable. WordPress websites rank higher on major search engines compared to other websites. The reason is that these websites are updated on a regular basis. You can custom many tools and plugins to optimize your website for search engines.

This was the introduction of WordPress and it offers some great benefits for individuals and business websites


5 Ways to Secure Your Digital Content

The number of internet users is increasing every year, so does the time spent online. According to Statista, in 2020, the number of active Internet users reached  66.6666 billion, which is 59% of the global population who spend 15 minutes spent every day on social media.

Internet businesses, communications and entertainment overlap so strongly that no private user or company is willing to give it up easily. This big convenience leads to one big internet concern – data online data security. For example, the U.S. In 2020 alone there were 1001 reported cases of data breaches, and 155.8 million individuals suffered from disclosing their sensitive information expos online.

However, companies can takings some effective measures to secure their digital data and content. In this article, we will explain how to protect your content online and how to avoid cyber threats.

Why Do You Need to Secure Your Data?

5 Ways to Secure Your Digital ContentInformation security is an essential element for the achievement and survival of any business. Companies have to make sure that no sensitive customer data, bank account information, or any proprietary info becomes exposed to third-parties or cyber criminals. For this, businesses need to realize the negative consequences they may face in case of a weak data protection. Let’s take a look at the main points.

  • Well-protected data means reputation

    Many businesses keep their customers’ private information, such as names, dates of birth, addresses, credit card details, and more. Leakage of such data can cause instant an damage to their reputation and its restoring will take several years at its best. Therefore, businesses must protect their customer data well and promote a positive brand image in the market.

  • Poor data protection results in financial loss

    Companies that do not run their businesses resort to digital accounting and banking services. As a result, all banking operations as well as bank account data can be vulnerable to hacker attacks. Moreover, data breaches can weaken investor confidence while consumers can start looking for alternatives and buy from competitors, thus reducing the revenue of businesses.

  • Security breaches lead to a decrease in productivity

    Data loss is crucial for any business. Once that happens they will have to pause the regular business workflow and start dealing with the emergency situation. Above all, serious hacker attacks often end up with system failures and defects, making it worse. Therefore, companies that refer to banking online banking or have their general ledger in the cloud should pay special attention to their data security systems.

    Who Do You Need to Secure Yourself From?

5 Ways to Secure Your Digital ContentWhen considering their digital content and data security, companies need to realize who could pose a threat to their data. Let’s take a look at three organizations that may be interested in your business data.

  • Cybercriminals come after business data to sell it to obtain profit. Also, they can take devices and different hardware hostage by installing ransomware on them. They will demand to pay a fee to unblock the business, although more problems may occur later.
  • Advertisers are companies that collect customer data to target and sell their products. It’s no secret that Google and Facebook collect their users ’data for improved advertising based on their preferences and needs.
  • Governments often find their own residents to prevent crime in their countries. However, some companies want to keep their data confidential because it affects their position in the market or they may rely on some unique developments that they do not want to disclose in any way.
  • Content pirates are organizations or individual Internet users who illegally distribute copyrighted content on their platforms to make money. Content pirating is one of the most widespread types of data theft. Therefore, companies that create their own unique content should be aware of how to keep it well protected.

Ways of Protecting Your Digital Content

Here is a list of advanced technologies and techniques that will help companies protect their digital content and prevent its theft.

  • Encryption

Today, mobile, web, and desktop applications represents open system. They can easily integrate with third-party services like Facebook, Google and others, and exchange data with them. As a result, some private data may be exposed and require strong security. Software developers use one of the most effective ways to secure sensitive information – encryption.

Encryption is the process of encoding data for its secure exchange over the Internet. To do this, software developers use a variety of encryption types, such as symmetry that works with a private key, and asymmetry that requires two keys to encrypt and decrypt data – a public key and a private key.

To send encrypted content via the Internet, users can use a variety of content-encryption tools. They help keep it secure and unchanged, ensuring that businesses exchange genuine data with their customers and partners.

  • Digital rights management (DRM)

Digital rights management solutions are another way to protect content from unauthorized viewing. These tools protect videos, audio files and text from illegal distribution and posting online. For this, content creators need to purchase a specialized program that encrypts and packages their content. Only users with a DRM license can access the encrypted information.

  • Tokenization

Tokenization is one more way to save data. Tokenization is the process of encrypting a piece of data such as a URL and attaching it to a token. Token will serve as a reference to the encrypted data though it has no meaning or regard in case it’s hacked.  This way content providers can create special secure URLs with validation access to a site or build the access temporary.

  • Watermarking

Watermarking is an effective way to prevent Internet customers from distributing video content illegally. For this, content creators can put invisible watermarks on their videos. These watermarks may include IP address, customer ID or their name. If the purchaser posts a copy of the video online, a special program can decode the watermark and identify the purchaser.

  • Geofencing

Content creators can define the area where they want to provide access  to their data. This way, no visitors from outside will be able to see the content. This technology is called geofencing and is frequently used on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and others.

How To Build An Effective Mobile App

One of the most effective ways to grow your business and build a solid customer base is to develop a business mobile application. The number of smartphone users is expansion every year. It has more than 3.6 billion users worldwide in 2020 and is expected to earn 4.3 billion in 2023. This mobile app makes the market very attractive and lucrative. According to Statista, revenue from mobile apps will exceed 35 935.2 billion by 2023.

While these statistics look pretty compelling, the number of mobile apps is also growing rapidly. For example, the Google Play Store placed 2.7 million applications in the second quarter of 2020 alone, surpassing 1 million in 2013. That means there is a lot of competition in the mobile app world. Creating a successful mobile application requires an accurate selection of tools, approaches and platforms. All of these factors are based on product and project requirements as well as the target audience.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know to create an effective mobile application and share our hands-on experience in the field of mobile application development.

Mobile App Development Lifecycle

As businesses consider creating their own mobile app, it is important to keep in mind all the steps, phases and processes that the app will go through before release. Knowing the mobile application development lifecycle steps allows project designers to:

  • Understanding the amount of work done at each stage and better mobile application and project planning;
  • Allocating project resources more accurately;
  • Avoid possible hidden pitfalls in development steps;
  • Carefully select development tools, frameworks and other development solutions.

All mobile development projects generally go through the same application development steps regardless of the length, scale and complexity of the project. They can be divided into the following stage.

  • Planning Stage

The planning phase involves the work of project manager, business analyst and technical writer. They conduct market research, business analysis, make decisions about the main features of the future application and develop the specificity of the detailed technical requirements for further development. These activities help determine application value, return on investment (ROI), budget required for development and some others.

This phase is important because it provides answers to the following questions:

  • What is the main idea and purpose of the application?
  • Who is the target audience of the application?
  • How much will it cost to develop it?
  • How can this application benefit your business?
  • App Design and Prototyping

The prototyping stage is to create quick application prototypes and design mockups so that the layout and functionality of the application can better meet the demands of its end users.

In addition, to get a quick response from real developers, the application development team can first create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for quick launch in the market and then decide what features should be developed next and what additions or deletions to add .

This phase helps prevent further development hurdles, extended deadlines, or any mid-build change that could affect final product release times or project budgets.

  • App Development

At this stage, the development team performs most of the development tasks. The team develops the app itself, API levels, adjusts the application for different mobile platforms, integrates it with other services online, embeds in different technologies and much more.

  •  Quality Assurance

This phase is dedicated to full mobile app testing. QA engineers perform a variety of tests to ensure the high quality of the mobile application. This means that the app ready for release has no major flaws, works properly and is beneficial to customers. For this, QA engineers test the mobile app on different devices, check the app at different screen sizes, check if the navigation, menus and buttons work well and do other check-ups.

  • App Release and Maintenance

At this stage the app stores include the provision of mobile applications, timely release of app updates, infrastructure maintenance, as well as the provision of customer support services.

Mobile App Development Platforms

The choice of mobile development platform is essential for future application. Each platform also defines development tools, practices, devices that run the application, and potential users. Therefore, project designers will have to make a decision on the mobile platform at the planning stage of the mobile application development lifecycle.

There are two most comprehensive mobile application platforms – iOS and Android. The two systems are quite similar in functionality, however, they have different application stores, software development kits (SDK) and tools and others.

Here is the table of the main variation between the two platforms.

mobile app development

Alternatives for Developing Mobile Apps

In addition to choosing the right mobile development platform, project designers should consider mobile application development approaches. They determine which platform the developed application will run on, what application building tools the development application will use, the capabilities of the application and some other specifications.

There are four main approaches to mobile application development:

  • Creating native mobile applications;
  • Development of cross-platform solutions;
  • Creation of hybrid mobile applications;
  • Creating progressive web applications

Each of these approaches has its benefits and disadvantages. Therefore, before choosing one, stakeholders should study their development project in detail and consider what suits them best.

Here’s a quick comparison of these mobile app development approaches for your easy and informative choice.

Mobile apps

Digital Publishing Trends for 2021 & Future

When thinking about digital publishing, probably the firstly that comes to the mind are ebooks. But digital broadcasting is much more than that. It covers many areas of our lives and it changes significantly day by day.

Newsletters, advertisements, company reports, tickets, catalogs, large libraries, resource materials, books, magazines, newspapers and other magazines, to name a few.

Digital publishing solutions seem to have become an integral part of many industries, it providing significant time and cost savings, and making our daily lives better. And as any advanced industry, it has its current and future trends.

The publishing industry has grown over the past decade, thanks to the ever-changing digital landscape and the big changes in how people read news, books and journals.

Due to the proliferation of free content, news online news sources are having a difficult time. According to a new report, nearly 46% of media executives surveyed expressed pessimism about the future of journalism. They conclude that local and national news organizations, like the public interest, are losing the ability to control the rich and powerful to keep journalists accountable.

However, the report found that most of the media executives surveyed were positive about the health of their own companies because there is still position of room for growth in the market. If publishers want to succeed, they must adapt to evolving trends and keep up with the changing market environment.

Even editors in the hardest-hit categories, managed to survive hard times and even flourish despite the uncertainty.  While users on the Internet are looking for new ways to find information, entertain themselves, and buy goods, they are looking for new ways not to think about buying in brick and mortar stores.

The Use of Digital Publishing

The invention of the print machine was revolutionary for human society, but today, in the digital age, we don’t think much about how we share information that has evolved significantly over the last 3 decades. The introduction of the Internet has provided great opportunities for those who wanted to convert traditional sources of information into digitized form allowing them to be saved for future generations or shared with others on a large scale. Together with modern communications and devices these achievements have propelled entire industries and digital publishing stands between them.

What Is Digital Publishing?

Living in a revolutionary era of digitalization we underestimate how digital publishing has changed our lives in recent years. But what does digital publishing mean to us?

‘Publishing’ is the activity of making information available to the general public, including the distribution of literature, music or info. Traditionally, the term refers to the distribution of printed material such as books and newspapers. ‘Digital’ refers to something using digits, especially binary numbers, and it applies to everything related to computers or other electronic devices.

As a result, digital publishing is a way of providing information to a wide range of people through the Internet and computerized electronic devices. The following are examples of fast emerging content both converting and creating in the digital publishing industry today: newsletters, journals and blogs, music, videos, games, ads, company reports, catalogs, huge libraries, resource materials and databases; And, of course, books, magazines, newspapers and other periodicals

Also, it is more common to distinguish such a branch of digital publishing as either online or web publishing in which e.g. Micro-publishing, websites, blogs. Social media and blog platforms (such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Medium, Linkedin etc.) allow everyone to become a digital publisher simply by sending tweets, posting pictures or just sharing some thoughts and ideas.

What Is E-Publishing?

The original term ‘electronic publishing’ has been gradually replaced by the term e-publishing (or e-publishing) and has become a more general term – digital publishing. Primarily all of these terms describe similar processes, however, there are some differences depending on a particular industry. For example, ‘digital publishing’ is frequently used by companies providing e-services, and e-publishing is mostly related to the editorial aspect, electronic versions of books, newspapers, magazines and other magazines that are mostly designed for reading. Computer, e-reader, tablet or smartphone screen.

How Digital Publishing Changes Our Lives

Why is digital publishing so popular? There is not a single answer to the question, but we can mention some important factors. The ever-increasing popularity of various electronic devices designed for digital media such as electronic books (e-books), streaming services, electronic magazines, gave new impetus to the digitization of all sources of information.

Digital publishing allows the use of metadata, computerized navigation of published products and similar features, e.g. Digitizing medical record systems and educational materials in digital format. Environmental friendliness is also an argument in favor of digital publishing. But the biggest advantage of comprehensive digitization is the significant cost savings over printed materials and other traditional resources. Just like the industry as a whole, highlighting changes over time while encouraging innovation in new technologies. The initial purpose of some e-publishing branches was to mimic the formats of books and magazines, for example some e-books adapted to the sound of pages rather than creating features that could surpass traditional media.

to mimic the formats of books and magazines, for example some e-books adapted to the sound of pages rather than creating features that could surpass traditional media.

Fortunately, industry leaders have quickly grasped their progress and have integrated features that can speak words on a page to voice on a computer, which can be helpful for people who may have reading problems or some visual impairments. Thus, audiobooks helped millions of people to see the meaning of another size book. So digital publishing is not just about ‘money’, it also changes our lives for the better.