Internet of Things (IoT) Testing: Why Is It So Important?

The Internet of Things is on its way to becoming the largest software development and testing opportunity ever. IoT brings many new items to the table in terms of testing requirements, including some unusual devices such as home appliances, clock sensors, etc. With an effective testing strategy to meet the quality of these various products.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a key technology for digital and virtual technology. The recency progress on Internet of Things deployments with the rise of Mobile culture have furnish a strong push for IoT to be considered as one of today’s most hopeful emerging technologies. However, the conceptual realization of Internet of Things is far from achieving a whole formation of converged IoT services and technology.

One of the key elements in the IoT go to market way is Interoperability. Interoperability can be extensive as the trait for providing seamless interchange of data, like personalizing services automatically or simply exchanging data in a way that another system can use for improving operation, enabling and creating services, controlling operations and data processing.

How IoT works?

IoT systems include smart devices that are web-enabled and use embedded systems, such as sensors, processors, hardware and software applications for communication, to collect, send and transmit data they collect from their environment. IoT sensors share data collected by connecting to an IoT gateway from which data is sent to the cloud to store or analyze or take specific action depending on the situation.

IoT devices can communicate with other connected / related devices, share information between them, and respond to it if necessary. Users can also interact with these smart devices to access data or command them to perform certain actions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are widely being used in IoT today to make the data available to users compatible to their individual preferences, thus improving the competency of IoT devices and enhancing user experience.

Why testing is important in IoT?

IoT is a fast growing market. The number of devices and software in IoT is increasing day by day. Delivering robust, high-quality IoT solutions to the market suddenly is a key need for businesses.

The IoT system consists of a variety of devices, applications and data systems that make it very complex and each of these components has different requirements for testing. Lack of interoperability between these components can cause problems. Technology companies develop solutions independently of each other using different platforms and this can result in problems integrating components with each other.

End-users advantage from increasing the connectivity of devices, but this in turn adds complication to the development and testing of IoT solutions. Therefore, to ensure that the product is working as intended, a robust testing process must be implemented that covers not only the device but also the device’s interaction with the cloud and mobile applications (including all integration).

IoT testing strategy
  • Platform Diversity

    IoT devices use a variety of protocols such as Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) to control and communicate with each other. Therefore, it is necessary to test the devices in different protocols to ensure that they work seamlessly.

  • Cloud Diversity

    The IoT ecosystem can use a variety of cloud platforms to send and collect data and connect other components of the system. Few of them are Azure IoT, IBM Watson and AWS. It is therefore imperative to test it to ensure the utility of IoT devices on this cloud platform.

  • Security and Privacy

    The amount of data aggregation and shared by relate devices in the IoT system is big. The worry of data leak and unauthorized access rise due to this high volume of data sharing. Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities therefore becomes a complex and high priority.

  • Real time data velocity

    Connected IoT devices require a fast communication channel and this is ensured by good network status. The devices can face problems due to slow internet connection, bad network infrastructure or problems with network hardware, affecting their work. So IoT devices and applications must be tested under these discrete conditions to avoid any loss of data if in case any of the above issue appear.

  • Interoperability

    Interactivity between components of an IoT system such as a physical device, gateway, cloud and application is a major challenge. Every IoT device has its own hardware and application software. This software interacts with hardware to issue commands or analyze information collected by the device. With so many types of hardware and software, as well as different versions of firmware and operating systems, testing all combinations and inter-functionality is a real challenge.

  • Scalability

    IoT solution formation involves thousands of interconnected devices, which connect to servers on a network. Server infrastructure is built on applications from multiple vendors and multiple interconnected services. Testing such a complicated environment and simulating real-time situations is a challenge.

  • User experience

    Compatible and hassle free user experience is most vital for any IoT solution. Therefore, it is very important and challenging to test the user friendliness of IoT devices and applications on all platforms of mobile, desktop or any other smart device.

    Testing type in IOT

    Testing for IoT devices revolves around security, analytics, devices, networks, processors, operating systems, platforms and standards.

  • Usability Testing

    There are many devices of different shape and form factors used by the users. Moreover, the concept also varies from one user to another. That is why it is so important to check the usefulness of the system in IoT testing.

  • Compatibility Testing

    There are many devices that can be coupled through the IoT system. These devices have a variety of software and hardware configurations. Therefore, the potential combination is huge. Consequently, it is important to check compatibility in the IoT system.

  • Reliability and Scalability Testing

    Credibility and scalability are important for creating an IoT test environment that involves simulation of sensors using virtualization tools and technology.

  • Data Integrity Testing

    It’s vital to check the Data integrity in IOT testing as it involves huge amount of information and its application.

  • Security testing

    In the IoT environment, there are many users who are consuming large amounts of data. Thus, validating the user through authentication is important to have data privacy restrictions as part of the security test.

How To Earn Money From Free Apps?

We all know how popular mobile apps have become, but how many people know about making money from apps. Yes, many don’t know – but for once everybody came across this idea – today, we will clear all your doubts and tell you how mobile apps make money?

Developing a mobile application takes a lot of effort: it is a long and challenging process. So, what are the factors that make them launch mobile application for free? It may be free for users – but mobile app development gets the most out of it. Some of them get from advertising, some through marketing and many other reasons.

There are many ways to make money from your phone and we will get the details of each of them. now it’s time to focus on how to make money from apps.

How much money can you earn from an app?

While not considered essential by Apple or Google, which did not add App Stores to the first versions of iOS and Android, it has become a major revenue stream for both.

ANNUAL GOOGLE PLAY APP REVENUEDespite a market share of less than 15 percent, iOS has led the way in revenue generation for app developers. This is partly because the iPhone is more popular in high-income areas such as Japan and the US, which spends more on apps.

ANNUAL iOS APP REVENUERevenue from Android and iOS apps reached $111 billion in 2020, an increase of 24 percent year-on-year. IOS accounted for 65% of total app revenue in 2020.

Follow these step to how free apps make money?

In-App Advertising:

This is probably the easiest and most popular way to make money from your app. Once you’ve created your app and are ready to publish your app, you can decide whether you want to let ads show on your app. When you allow people to place video ads, you get paid significantly more than banner ads. However, you have to think about whether your customers will have the patience to watch video ads whenever they use your app. These factors will help you improve your business model based on what you advertise.

One interesting way you can make money from your app is not to show ads. You can make money by offering your users an ad-free version of the app by purchasing an upgrade. There are multiple platforms to do this. Admob from Google is the most popular.

In-App Purchases:

This feature is more relevant to users’ outlook. In this revenue model, users can unlock some additional features or levels after purchasing an upgrade. In this model, the app can unlock any additional bonuses, premium content of any kind, virtual currency for the game or any additional level. Purchases in the app that the app owner may offer may be unusable items such as virtual currency or unusable items such as advanced levels, maps or other types of virtual goods. From among the most popular mobile apps more than 50% use in-app purchases to generate revenue. In the future, the number of such applications will only increase.

You should decide this before you create your app. If you plan to involve in-app purchases in your app, you should design the app in such a way that you create a logical payment wall. This strategy is adjunct on the freemium model, where you will offer your app for free, but offer access to premium features, advanced levels or premium content for upgrades.


Now every app has a subscription feature, and it’s a common way to get money from free apps. By using a paid subscription, the user accesses specific services. However, it does not work equally everywhere and with everyone. It applies to some mobile applications and industries. But marketers prefer it because it is very efficient for users to get apps. Moreover, such a model requires third-party co-ordination as the App Store does not charge any commission.

Subscriptions can be for a specific period of time, such as annual or monthly. Mobile offers period limits and user options according to them. Manually, the user needs to pay when outstanding, and automatically- it is automatically deducted according to the instructions given. If they no longer want to be a part of this subscription in the mobile app the user can terminate it as per their wish. Mobile app development has been made user friendly and easy to use, so that users do not face difficulties while subscribing.


Referral marketing is comparatively similar to the in-app advertising model for casting your app. However, marketing also has a different direction – affiliate marketing. It is reliable and efficient for attracting users and making money from the free app. Information about the affiliate company is in the content application and, based on clicks and installs, you get rewards. Rewards can be based on a cost-per-action model or a cost-per-click model. Some affiliate networks help you find specific people who are the perfect affiliate for your mobile app. There are different ways to calculate affiliate marketing.

Shows marketing metrics, which helps make more mobile app decisions and saves time to research for marketing. So, each visit, click, interest and many other factors in mobile apps make money.

Selling merchandise:

Another great way to make money with your apps is to sell merchandise. This is a great solution if you are creating an e-commerce app to sell your products and services. In this model, the apps are usually free to download from the App Stores. In fact, you can combine it with email marketing to bring out the products in front of the right audience.

This is different from in-app purchases where app users can purchase virtual goods, virtual currency, bonuses or some kind of premium content. If your business does not involve the sale of any physical goods, the sale of merchandise may also be a branded keepsakes or a product.

Email Marketing:

The last but trivial model is email marketing to make money through free apps. This is an old method of collecting data – but it is very profitable. The strategy applies to every industry, and the chances of getting one are huge. When users click on the email, it will generate money for the mobile app development company. It’s the same concept for cost-per-click, but the method is different.


There was a time when making money from mobile apps was a questionable plan. Times possess changed, so has the industry. People are not only charging the cost of creating the app but also making a fortune with it.

There are many ways in which you can earn money without paying your app users a penny, while in others your app users generate your revenue. There is no ‘true’ method here, but different methods may be true for different needs.

What is Ethereum? Do you Know how Ethereum work?

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a blockchain stage with its own cryptocurrency, called Ether (ETH) or Ethereum, and its own programming language, called density.

As a blockchain network, Ethereum is a decentralized public catalogue for verifying and recording transactions. The network’s users can create, publish, monetize, and use applications on the rostrum, and use its Ether cryptocurrency as payment. Insiders call the decentralized applications on the pattern “dapps”.

As a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is second in market cost only to Bitcoin.

How does Ethereum work?

Ethereum used a public blockchain network to power its platform. It is sometimes referred to as a universal supercomputer, which can be a helpful way to consider about a platform. The technology allows computers from all over the universe to work together to Power Ethereum.

Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency use equivalent decentralized blockchain technology. However, Bitcoin’s blockchain is principally used to track transactions and department balances, which it does with digital ledgers. Ethereum builds on this conception and lets people create and run programs on its network.

Here are some key terms and concepts that are momentous for understanding how Ethereum works:

Ethereum miners:

Ethereum is powered by “miners” who have set up their computers for the complicated math to power and safe the network. Miners acquire ether to use their computer’s working power.

Gas costs:

Specifies how much you have to pay the miners to add information to the gas Ethereum blockchain. Paying more can speed up the processing of your transactions.


Ether is the primary and original cryptocurrency of Ethereum. Other cryptocurrencies have been created on the Ethereum platform, but miners are paid in ether.

Decentralized apps:

Applications created on the Ethereum network are called decentralized applications (dapps) because they are not run by a single entity.

Smart contracts:

A smart contract does not have to be a contract in juridical terms. Instead, it is the name of the programs that are stored and run on the Ethereum blockchain. People can create and upload new smart deals on Ethereum or create new duplicates using existing smart deals.

Ethereum Virtual Machine:

An Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is an environment that stores and operates clever contracts.

Ethereum is also under upgrade to Ethereum 2.0 or Eth 2. The new model will try to address concerns about the existing platform’s slow network speeds, high gas fees and energy consumption.

Where to Buy Ethereum?

Identify a Platform for Trading:

As the basis for placing any trades it is necessary to identify the best trading platform for your needs. Cryptocurrency trading platforms Could be either fiat exchanges for cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchanges (C2C). Some key questions to ask when considering an exchange include: Where is the headquarters? Do they have a license? How secure is their website? How secure are your funds? and Who are the managing executives? Worldwide, Binance is the primary exchange by trading revenue.

Create an Account:

Once you are confident with a site, the department opening process can usually be done pretty quickly.

Verifying the account is usually the last step in the account opening process. This is where you will likely want to upload documents to verify your acquaintance and ensure that your account passes regulatory muster.

Once you have Fixed on a trading platform that fits your wants then the next step is to open an account. This process is similar to opening a department with a brokerage platform.

Deposit Currency:

Ethereum is a popular depositing currency for many C2C platforms so holding huge amounts of it can be remunerative. Most exchanges have fees per trade so it can be best to trade huge amounts at once. For fiat currency platforms this can be relatively easy after verification of your payment data. Cryptocurrency exchanges do not generally have high minimum investments so you can invest as little as $5 or as many as $1,000 or more.

Depositing currency in C2C exchanges can be somewhat more difficult.

Begin Trading:

With a verified account and money deposited into that account, you’ll be able to begin buy Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies via the exchange. every negotiation has an interface that works somewhat differently but be prepared to confirm transactions and then accord approval for process time, which can also depend on the total number of transactions requested.

Withdraw ETH into a Wallet:

Once you have purchased it through the interchange, you can withdraw that currency into your bank department or a wallet that your mastery. Fiat exchanges make it easy to withdraw ETH by simply selling and sending the receipt to your bank account. C2C platforms take a longer amount of period. On a C2C platform you would want to code transfer your ETH to a fiat exchange and then sell to cash out. On all platforms you also generally have the choice to send ETH to a wallet.

How to choose the best Ethereum Wallet?

That you know how Ethereum wallets work, we shall go through all the different type of wallets and the purpose that serve. There are five main categories:

Mobile Wallets:

This wallet is a mobile app that is installed on your phone. While providing great accessibility and proper security, it can be considered a liability if your mobile device is lost or stolen.

Online wallets:

This wallet can come in the form of a web browser or a mobile application. It’s a convenient way to access your cryptocurrency on the go, through any Internet-enabled device of your selection.

Desktop wallets:

This let’s store the keys on your computer. They require the installation of specialized software and are more secure than online or wallet because they do not rely on third parties to secure any of your data.

Paper wallets:

It does not cost much and is the safest type of wallets, as it is completely off the grid. Those are simple pieces of paper where your keys are printed.

Hardware wallets:

These devices are specifically designed for public and private key security. They make no compromises on security, so they are very popular, while still maintaining some convenience when transferring crypto.

What is Bitcoin and How Does Bitcoin Works?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency created in January 2009 in. It follows the ideas set out in the White Paper by the mysterious and nickname Satoshi Nakamoto. The identity of the person or persons who created the technology is still a secrecy. Bitcoin promises lower transaction fees than traditional online payment mechanisms and, unlike currency issued by the government, is operated by a decentralized authority.

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. There is no physical bitcoin, only a balance held on a public ledger in which everyone has transparent access to. All bitcoin transactions are calculated by a huge amount of power. Bitcoin is not issued or endorsed by any banks or governments, nor is personal bitcoin as valuable as a commodity. Despite it not being legal tender in most through of the world, bitcoin is very popular and has triggered the launch of hundreds of another cryptocurrency, altogether referred to as altcoins. Bitcoin is commonly abbreviated as BTC.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoins can be used to purchase merchandise anonymously. In addition, international payments are chic and cheap because bitcoins are not build to any country or subject to regulation. Small businesses can select them because there are no credit card fees. Some people just purchase bitcoins as an investment, hoping they will be worth it.

How does Bitcoin work?

Every bitcoin (trading symbol “BTC,” although “XBT” is also used) is a computer file stored in a digital wallet on a computer or smartphone. To grasp how cryptocurrency works, it helps to grasp these terms and conditions:

Private and public keys:

The Bitcoin wallet includes a public key and a private key, which work simultaneous to provide the owner with demonstration of reliability, initiate transactions and allow digital signing.

Bitcoin miners:

Miner – or members of the peer-to-peer stage – then independently confirm the transaction using a high-speed computer, usually within 10 to 20 minutes. Miners are paid in bitcoin for their attempt.

Storing your bitcoins:

Bitcoins can be stored in two kinds of digital wallets:

Hot wallet:

Mostly, Hot wallets is designed to help you easily store and access your crypto assets. If you buy or mine digital currency, the coins you have can be easily delivered to your online storage. In addition, if you want to buy something and pay with cryptocurrency, using your hot wallet is fairly straightforward.

Hot wallets usually have two types of keys:

Bitcoin is governed by open-source code, known as blockchain, which creates a shared public ledger. Each transaction is a “block” that is “chained” to the code, creating a permanent record of every transaction. Blockchain technology is at the heart of more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies that follow Bitcoin.

Private and public keys:

The Bitcoin wallet includes a public key and a private key, which work simultaneous to provide the owner with demonstration of reliability, initiate transactions and allow digital signing.

Bitcoin miners:

Miner – or members of the peer-to-peer stage – then independently confirm the transaction using a high-speed computer, usually within 10 to 20 minutes. Miners are paid in bitcoin for their attempt.

Storing your bitcoins:

Bitcoins can be stored in two kinds of digital wallets:

Hot wallet:

Mostly, Hot wallets is designed to help you easily store and access your crypto assets. If you buy or mine digital currency, the coins you have can be easily delivered to your online storage. In addition, if you want to buy something and pay with cryptocurrency, using your hot wallet is fairly straightforward.

Hot wallets usually have two types of keys:

Public key:

This cryptographic key is usually designed to accord approval someone to transmit digital coins to an address without identifying the user. It’s like a kind of account username.

Private Key:

This is your personal data that you use to recognize yourself as the owner of the wallet. It’s type of like a PIN or a password. You can use your private key to get into your hot wallet and look what’s happening.

With a hot wallet, both of these types of keys are stored on the internet or on a appliance connected to the internet (such as your computer or smartphone). This means that the key are vulnerable to hackers. If you aren’t wary about guarding your data, the data can be steal.

Cold wallet:

Unlike hot wallet, that is can be connected to the Internet and could even be on the internet, cold and wallet is offline.

Like a hot wallet, there are public keys — such that a crypto address for the cold wallet — and private keys that the wallet owner uses to entry their property. However, the private keys for a cold wallet aren’t stored on the internet like those are for a hot wallet.

When making an interchange with crypto property, a signing process using keys takes place. With a hot wallet, this treating takes location entirely online.

But a cold wallet allows this transactions to take location offline. The practice starts online, but then it’s moved offline inside the cold collection where it can be digitally signed. Once it’s signed in an offline environment, the completed info can be sent back to the online network. The principal point is that the private key used to sign the transaction doesn’t end up wherever online.

Why do people want Bitcoins?

Few people like the fact that Bitcoin is not limited by the government or banks.

People can even spend their Bitcoins fairly anonymously. Although everyone transactions are recorded, nobody would know that ‘account number’ was yours only you told them.

In an online chat with social media users in January 2021, the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, said he was a large supporter of Bitcoin.

He also went as away as to switch his Twitter bio to “#bitcoin”.

He has constantly shown his bracket to online currencies in recency years and caused major movements in their values suitable to his own personal resources and impression.

Where can you buy Bitcoin?

There are many ways to obtain bitcoins, the simple tract is to use Cryptocurrency exchanges, Peer – to- peer purchases, Bitcoin Atms, Bitcoin mining. There are a number of P2P crypto exchanges you can use to purchase Bitcoin.

Is it secure?

Every practice is recorded publicly so it’s very hard to copy Bitcoins, make dummy ones or spend ones you don’t own.

It is possible to lose your Bitcoin wallet or cancel your Bitcoins and lose them forever. There have also been burglary from websites that let you store your Bitcoins remotely.

The cost of Bitcoins has gone up and down over the years since it was created in 2009 and some people don’t conceive it’s safe to turn your ‘real’ money into Bitcoins.

By this, he meant that the cost can plunge significantly at any crack and investors can lose a lot of money.


How to Converting Your Website to an App? All You Need to Know

So, want to build an app without investing in large resources in both time and money? The fastest and most effective way to build an Android app from a website. In today’s cut-throat competitive world, having a business site is not enough; A dedicated app provides your potential customers any access to your products or services, even when they return home from the metro at any time. 

A business App, once installed, will stay with your prospective and present Customer.  You can get their attention back whenever you have push notifications or when they have an app; they will browse your business first and then move on to your competitors. 

Being a smartphone being today and tomorrow, developing a business app from your website must be 2021 and beyond. In this next segment, we’ll talk to you about how to create Android app links on a website.  

How to Make an Android App That Links to a Website? 

Yes, you can create an Android app that links to your site. But, first things first, you can’t create a link in Android. You’ll have to create an Application that automatically opens the browser and directs your site’s specified URL whenever opened. 

You can easy use the below code- Intent browserIntent = new Intent(“android.intent.action.VIEW”, Uri.parse(“”)); startActivity(browserIntent); 

Some tools online tools work to convert a PHP website into an Android application. Firstly, you’ll have to enter your website link, which you wish to convert into a dedicated business App.  Next, you need to name your application. The online tool will create your application, and then you have to publish it to various app stores. The converted app will have the following features- it works in spite of offline, customization, ad marketing, and social media integration and push notifications. 

However, if you want a feature-rich and user-friendly app, then you must reach out to the Mobile app Development Company in Ahmedabad. They have the knowledge and vast practical experience to translate your site into an application. First, narrow down on a few top-ranked Android Application development companies, discuss your requirements and budget, and based on that, let them give their quote. Compare different quotes and then make a well-informed decision. 

How to Create an Android Application for My Website? 

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating an Android app from the website: 

Step 1: You’ll have to figure out all the matter associated with converting your site into an Android App. 

Step 2: Then, you need to list all the key reasons you necessary to build an Android App. 

Step 3: You’ll have to survey all the strong sides of an Android App. 

Step 4: In this step. You’re necessary to prepare a quick list of all the features you want into your Android App.     

Step 5: You must estimate the cost of an Application. 

Step 6: You’ve to think in depth about UI/UX design. 

Step 7: Hire a mobile app development company in Ahmedabad to develop an App. 

Development Costs 

The cost of development depends on the complexity of the application and the various features you need. It will be best if you do some cushion in the prices for extra features. You must discuss all the pricing issues in advance to avoid troubles later. 

The Portfolio 

Before you enter into an agreement with a mobile application development company in Ahmedabad, it is advisable to review the portfolio of your potential agency. Figure out whether they’ve worked on a like project as yours.  You can also ask testimonials and references for previous customers. You can contact the client, ask for their experience to determine if your potential app development company has the skills to convert an Android app into a website. 

The Screen Size 

When converting your website into an Android app, you should not forget the screen size. Be it a smartphone, a tablet; the website is made up of different elements including pictures, analyzes, charts, etc. It is on the side of impossibility to convert it into a similar design. This is an Android application that will not have all these features in the website. Otherwise, the user friendly aspect of the application will be affected. Therefore, optimization of the application has to be done, and only a qualified developer with great skills can solve this challenge. 

Let’s Wind Up 

It is imperative to have a highly trusted and experienced Android application development services agency with a pool of experts to design and develop applications that help take your business to a new level of success. Don’t wait or hesitate; Contact the development experts at Webtual Technologies Pvt Ltd. We are here to help you. 

8 Web Development Trends Every CTO Should Be Ready for in 2021

Web development trends change on an annual basis, large or small, depending on the dynamics of user preferences. For decision makers, it is important to get acquainted with them in order to face the ever-increasing competition in the same industries. Thus, today Vodworks IT experts have prepared a piece of complete information about web development trends that will grow in 2021. Let us assume that 2021 will revolutionize CTO efforts and we are:

Progressive Web Apps

It is one of the latest trends in web development and drives the global web headlong – capturing the website browsing experience just like the original mobile apps. In short, PWA is a website that introduces the functionality of native applications such as hardware access, sending push notifications and offline likes access. Specifically, app report that 80% of normal time users spend on their gadgets. Here, PWAs is skilled in helping with troubleshooting issues like common problems, own laziness and offline like access. To make PWA, you can use angular, reaction or polymer technique. Brands like Alibaba, Forbes, Twitter, Virgin America and The Washington Post are using PWA and suggest increasing conversions and reducing load time.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google has taken thoughtful steps to enrich the spirit of mobile browsing. The establishment initially introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages in 2015 and is currently one of the modern trends in web technology. This technology is shaped to inspire building websites that load immediately and work comfortably on mobile devices. It takes 2 seconds to load AMP pages and 22 seconds on non-AMP pages. AMP pages can accelerate a website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) and are also great for boosting SEO. You can use purpose built AMP HTML open framework for your project.

Responsive Websites

Even though web development trends for 2021 are being talk about with PWA and AMP – however, you will still find some old-styled responsive web designs. The reason is that previously it was not important to create a responsible design – but now it is a must. This is because of the relocate in technology. Now, most users prefer mobile phones on desktop. Because of this shift, Google has started mobile-first indexing. As such, your website will only be ranked if you have optimized it well for mobile devices.

Voice Search Optimization

Rendering to Gartner, 30% of searches in 2021 will be done without a screen. The study suggests that by 2021, 21.4 million smart speakers will be in the U.S. alone. Then, by 2022, sales of voicemail commerce will grow to 5 5 billion in the UK alone and 40 40 billion in the US alone. Therefore, presenting this study and the actual state of the market – and voice is search optimization can not miss the drift CTO. It should be a part of your SEO and tech stack – in addition, Voice  Data can have a Web Speech API. APIs are divided into two elements: speech recognition and synthesis. Speech recognition is used for voice framework and replies to enquiries . Whereas, speech synthesis is a text-to-speech module that lets scripts send content.

API-First Development

Recent current suggest that web solutions need to connect easily with every application. These are mainly numerous wearable, mobile and much more. Integration should be integrated, and devices should be easily integrated with each other. This is where you have to focus on API-first development. API – You can use a swagger or API blueprint to create the first design.

Push Notifications

It’s a powerful tool for enhancing your business’s user experience and advertising efforts. Traditionally, mobile apps have a strong and humble aptitude for user notifications – in contrast, web apps receive promotion here as well. In addition, push notifications applied to web applications are used to deliver updates such as the latest blog post, recent changes or stock-out notifications, etc. There are plenty of solutions to use when you want to create browser push notifications such as OneSignal, PushEngage, Zoop and PushCrew.

AI-Driven Chatbots

This technology is useful for businesses that operate around the clock and in different time zones. The aim is to provide seamless customer support without compromising on the quality or availability of staff during odd hours. However, due to the change in web development trends you can now offer automated and seamless client support 24/7. Chatbots powered by AI and machine learning have proven to be commendable assets for this functionality. They can take orders, connect with full human assistance, respond to FAQs, or resolve or notify a complaint. Use any of the following open-source bot structure technologies like Microsoft Bot Framework, Facebook Bot Engine, or Dialogflow to build a chatbot.

Advanced Motion UI

The Motion UI Library is a flawless solution to grab users’ attention with sleek animations. The library is proficient in enlivening design essentials with elegance and allows developers to play with them as per demand. It is flexible and works easily with any JavaScript framework.

Wrap Up

For each CTO, the main purpose is to ensure that the business is up-to-date for its clients, and provides attractive features to maintain it. Thus, it is time for you to update your web product in 2021. Join a web development company to get the latest solutions and techniques for the stated purpose.

If you act quickly and choose the right strategy – it will not only save your business but also pave the way for new growth in 2021 and beyond. You can access certified IT professionals from our Talent Pool, including Project Managers, Architects, Systems / Business Analysts, Developers, Infrastructure Specialists.

Here are the Top Reasons why Python is so Popular?

The world is always moving fast with the speed of increasing technology. Artificial reality, virtual actuality, data science are the new wonders of technology that will lead the world in the coming decade. Such growth demands rapid upgrading of technology and meeting growing expectations. Python is one of the technologies that is upgraded every year to help developers build future ready-made web applications. Currently, more than 8 million Python full stack developers worldwide are enabling Python development services. Google, Instagram and Quora are some of the business

giants that use Python development in their most used products. With boss following a technology, the question of Why Python seems to have plenty of answers.

More than 3% of all sites on the Internet are powered by Python and its framework. For web development, Python has over 147,000+ packages that make it easy for developers to reduce the time it takes to get to market. Python programming language was the second most search term in Google Trends in the last few years.

For businesses, Python has start frameworks like Django and Flask which simplify the web development procedure. The Python has evolved over the years for future challenges. It is behind complex data science computation and systems. It is clearly apparent from the modernization of language that Python is going to dominate in the future years.

Here are the Top Reasons Why Python is So Popular? 

Numerous Frameworks 

From developing  MVP to a growing startup for a fully developed web application for businesses, Python has a variety of frameworks for different purposes. Django, pyramids, turbogears and flasks are the most widely used Python frameworks. Due to its compatibility with database and code reuse capabilities, Django are gaining the most popularity among them all. Python with Django is very affordable for web development scaling businesses.

Pyramid enables Python to develop small projects that can get smaller at any time with the addition of functions. TurboGears is for fast and agile web development with Python. It has a variety of components that are ready to use, saving a lot of time for developers. Flask enables MVP construction with prototype-based functions for lean methodology.

It Supports Multiple Programming Languages

Unlike other programming languages ​​that give developers limited freedom, Python is a self-contained language. With Python, the developer can create projects of any size with the desired functions. The example of Python Development Services stands in every industry.  For startups, the adjustability of python is favoured and therefore it is becoming more popular in the industry. Its freedom for the developer to handle in OOPs, Functional paradigm or procedural paradigm makes it one of the best programming languages for any type of web development.

Python libraries have pre-written code, which will save a lot of time in the development phase. Python development enables businesses to test and try very fast without loss of resources.

Integration with Other Technologies

With rapid innovation in the technology sector, some technologies, especially for enterprise application, are at the forefront of the field. Python is preferred for web development for one more reason. It allows various technologies like Java, C, C ++ to work with Python and its framework. Through C, C ++ and Java and there method calls are possible. .NET technology is popular in enterprise web development and Python works consistently with it. The Python mobile application is mostly a combination of different technologies.

Apart from this, only with Python it is possible to combine old infrastructure and new infrastructure. That makes the python a very unique technique.

It is one of the simplest technology 

Learning Python is fun for most developers. With hundreds of libraries, simple syntax formats and support materials available, developers are opting for Python web programming. They have a clear and unequivocal relationship between all the elements of the Python language. The low entry barrier for starting Python is also a factor in building a good list of developers. Data Visualization is getting more observation due to the value of the database increasing day by day. In web development, capturing data and analyzing it for greater customer experience is in demand skill where Python fits perfectly.

Portability and Server Side Scripting

Sometimes developers call Python “Glue language” because of its similarity with other technologies. Embedding Python in a variety of apps even if they are built in other languages is a easy task. Connecting different components increases the interactivity of Python. Server side scripting with Python is a lightning speedy process. Connected modules in Python web programming allow back-end development to be accelerated. Used by Google and Instagram, Python has the incredible potential to handle millions of users in real-time. Dynamic economics in Python is accelerating the prototyping phase for startups and also testing their models. It enhances the usefulness of the Python web development framework.


As there are many tools and modules available, Python language can help a lot in automation of tasks. The Python language allows you to reach advanced levels of automation by integrating simple lines of Python codes. Not only is that but Python also considered as the best performance booster in software testing. Also, Python is very convenient for beginners and new kids. This gives Python the advantage as an automation language choice, as automation tests need to be completed quickly and efficiently. Nowadays, lot of manual software testers began to take advantage of the automated function of the Python’s low learning curve.

Versatile and reliable

Despite being 30 years old, the Python language is still the most versatile, reliable and fastest language than any other language. Ask any Python backend developer and they will agreed. Python is the most reliable language because it can be used in any type of web development without performance loss matter. In addition, Python’s various languages include desktop applications, hardware programming, and mobile applications. But, it is mainly used in web development. Major tech giants rely on python language like Google, Yahoo and Disney to name just a few.

Django supports best practices for web development

Django is a high-level structure supported only by Python. Django is a blessing for website developers. It allows Python programmers to model domains, code classes, and human-readable website URLs. One of the main reasons Python is the best choice for web development is the simplicity of the building template. Sites and services such as the Washington Post, The New York Times, Instagram, Pinterest and The Guardian rely heavily on Python’s Django. In addition, Django is also helpful in SEO practice. Django Python allows developers to enter keywords in URLs when ranking sites. So, the SEO team will be grateful to you.

Machine learning and Cloud computing

Right now, machine learning and cloud computing are the most used trends in the world of computer science. Many organizations are using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to improve workflows and transform processes. However, Python is the second most popular programming language in the computer science world, the most widely used language in machine learning and cloud computing. Every day thousands of machine learning projects use Python libraries like OpenCV for computer vision. Plus, due to its wide variety such as ease of analysis, a large number of R&D.

(Research and development) takes place in the language of the python. Many giant companies like Amazon and Flipkart are taking advantage of the Python language to improve the data processing workload.

Python is flexible for building prototypes

Ideation is the most main aspect of web development. Python is considered the simplest language of programming and lets you do more with less code. It helps build prototypes quickly and saves time without any hassle. Python is so flexible that it does not prevent developers from trying something new and developing any kind of website or web application. Yahoo was once a prototype and later became the most read website in 2016.


Python is growing rapidly for web development. It is a clean, reliable and easy programming language to understand. This programming language allows developers to achieve many different goals without the hassle of things. Python is a worldwide language that is used all over the world and every year more and more web-developers are selected this language. Not only that but huge companies like Google, Yahoo, Pinterest and Dropbox also rely entirely on Python.

5 Reasons to Install an SSL Certificate on Your Website

In this blog, we will talk about the importance of SSL certificate for a website. If you think this feature is a luxury, you want to think again. Today, from a security standpoint, this is a requirement of any website, be it personal or professional. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you might want to go for certification.

1.   SSL Protects Data

Basically, the function of this certificate is to give protection for server-client communication. It helps to encrypt every part of information. In other words, all types of data are locked and can only be accessed through the server or browser of the desired recipient. When it comes to handling sensitive data such as credit card numbers, passwords and IDs, SSL plays an important role and provides protection against scammers and hackers.

2.   SSL Affirms Your Identity

Another major role of SSL certification is to certify the website. When it comes to web security, identity verification is important. Every year, many newcomers lose thousands of dollars because of fake websites.

You must go through a powerful validation process to establish an SSL certificate. This process is established by a reliable authority well known as a Certificate Authority.  Depending on the type of certificate, the officer verifies the identity of the person or organization. After this process, your website or blog will be given confidence indicators.

3.   Better Search Engine Ranking

In 2014, the search engine giant Google changed its algorithms to give an edge to websites that had the HTTPS tag. According to many studies conducted by different experts on search engine optimization, there is a strong correlation between high search engine rankings and HTTPS.

4.   SSL Helps You Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements

If your business allocated in products and services that are offered online, you may have a system of online payments. If you want to receive payments online payments, your business website must be PCI compliant. For this compliance, you required to meet 12 requirements. One of these requirements must be an SSL certificate. Therefore, you should have this certificate.

5.   SSL Improves Customer Trust

Aside from account equations and encryption, SSL certificates are important when it comes to customer trust. This certificate is an indication that the website is trustworthy. By installing this certificate, your buyers will be able to see some important details of your company. These details help them recognize that you are a legitimate entity. As a result, they are more likely to buy from you than from other businesses out there.

Google Makes SSL Mandatory in 2018

To give a safer browser experience from 2018 onwards, Google has decide to flag the websites which do not have an SSL/TLS Certificate installed on their websites. If anyone fails to comply with this rule, all popular web browsers used around the world, such as Google Chrome and Firefox Mozilla, will penalize them with a ‘not secure’ warning message on the URL bar. I it could be realizable that in near future website may even get blocked to load on the browser. You do not have any website, from any personal blog to any shopping portal SSL is mandatory and not following along with it can result in loss of visitors who do not want to face the website owner.

Wrap Up

Secure Sockets Layer Certificate can greatly enhancement your engagement by instilling a sense of trust in your customers. If a competitive hurdle is throwing a wrench into the functioning of your website, this is the time when you might consider purchasing an SSL certificate and turn your website visitors into customers. It will help them win their loyalty and build your business as a reputable.

Why is ReactJS Framework the first choice for web application development?

With the rise in global internet penetration, the need for dedicated web apps has skyrocketed. Compared to normal websites, the web application provides a more interactive user interface. Additionally, web application development provides greater flexibility in terms of integration of third-party tools. Unlike the desktop application, the web application eliminates the hassle of installing and uninstalling programs. You can access any program and on any device without having to worry about space or performance issues.

Nevertheless, web development demand the use of reliable and powerful technology that is safe and modern at the same time. Primarily, the frontline development of modern web applications and websites has completely changed. Here comes ReactJS, it is one of the most liked JavaScript libraries out there. Used by great technology companies for their programs, here we answer Respond to Web Development and discuss some of the big reasons to choose ReactJS Development for your web application development needs

Benefits of ReactJS 

With its flexibility and customization options, ReactJS currently has few competitors. The advantages that library offers are the ones that make it very popular. Here are some advantage answering why ReactJS for web development and web app development.

It offers fast rendering

By removing the heavy code present in bootstrapping libraries like JQuery, it provides quicker performance for the virtual DOM application used by ReactJS. Any changes made to the JSX are also updated with the Virtual DOM and eventually the actual DOM. While other frameworks slow down the entire process of data transactions using actual DOM thus reducing application performance.

It is SEO-friendly

With increasing competition in websites to attract user attention, SEO has become more important than ever. Along with the qualitative aspects, it is also important to keep the search engine tim optimization strategy sound at the technical level. The faster processing helps the application and websites to load quickly making it stand at the top in Search engine scrutiny.

Better Rendering

React is created in a way to lower a load of DOM operations on the application thus making it quicker. Working with a framework using an actual DOM causes various problems in the data structure. Simple changes to such changes can disarrange the entire layout of the UI. ReactJS’s virtual DOM model has overcome this problem to give better results.

It’s easy to learn

The biggest reason to use ReactJS development is that it is much easier to learn than other available options. Furthermore, feedback web application and mobile application development modules follow similar methods. So the user can use it again and again for different purposes without referring to different resources. Also, there are regular updates in documentation to make it up to date with all the new exchange.

Strong community support

Having a large number of developers working with the technology certify that you get plenty of options when looking for web development services. Also, the huge developer base regularly churns out new developments with the library to make it more suitable for the present.  ​You can find forums and discussion boards dedicated to ReactJS all over the internet.

Reusable Components

ReactJS addresses a big issue for developers where they had to develop every component from scratch. Feedback allows developers to create features in the form of reusable components that can be used multiple times in different parts of the application. This greatly reduces the time involved in the development process, thus reducing financial costs.

It offer better code stability

The clean data structure built in ReactJS ensures that there is complete stability of code even in high-performance environments. Fault-tolerant UI in React helps in better unit testing to prevent system crashes. Also, the code re-utility option helps developers save time for more important tasks.

One Way Data Binding

ReactJS is one of the few JavaScript library that uses a unilateral data binding model. This helps a lot when editing the components in the application. Any change construct in the parent element reflects in all the child elements while the opposite does not happen.  This keeps the entire design of the application intact even when there is a large amount of data.

Open Source Library

Facebook made ReactJS an open-source tool after its initial launch letting people collaboration and add further improvements. Today developers can access various tools offered by Facebook and other developers for free. While they can also add their improvements and tools to be accessed by others.

Mobile App Development with Native

Like web applications, mobile application development has also gained momentum in industries. If you need to create a mobile version of your web application, ReactJS provides React Native only dedicated to mobile application development. This one framework can be built for both Android and iOS, using apps.

Used by Popular Companies

ReactJS is currently used by some tech giants to power up their digital applications. These include big names like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and news publication house New York Times. Due to the involvement of large companies in the library, constant updates and new developments are a big answer to the question of how to use ReactJS development.

While ReactJS is a great technology, its effectiveness also depends on the experience and mastery of the developer working with it. An experienced development team can save and provide better ROI on the amount invested. So it is also important to find a quality development service when you need to work with ReactJs.

5 Ways You Can Develop User And Google Friendly E-Commerce Mobile App

Globalization has associated the limitations for business and communication as like never before. With the beginning of E-Commerce, the internet is renovated into a gigantic marketplace. Masses of successfully trades have appeared with the E-Commerce technologies and there are zillions folks to come. Although there are uncountable success stories to lookout for, the fact is that achieving success in E-Commerce is not very straightforward. With Ecommerce Website development Company that reaching a leading part of the market it is tough to build a captivating USP for your business.

In order to gain and retain customers, you have to offer the perfect shopping experience possible. An important option to create the best shopping experience is to connect with customers at every touch point and provide a beautiful service. However, we gives the touch points in E-Commerce business the major two to popular in the crown are mobile and website. Different businesses make the mistake of ignoring their app or creating one in a leading position.

Let’s talk about 5 ways to develop user and Google friendly ecommerce mobile apps:

1.   Design

A require of design of your store that plays a crucial function on how buyers act in your app. With a consideration of less than 8 seconds. It is imperative that your users must be able to quickly understand the app interface. Building a most complex design with a wide range of animations and also do text in the anticipation of inviting the user will at all times boomerang. It’s a way of simplification when it comes to the user interface. This will enhance the user experience with ease of accessibility.

2.   Security

Just in case of ecommerce, you can ask a lot of information from the customer. Some of this information includes bank account details, credit / debit card information, address and more. It works without saying you have to make sure your app is secure. You cannot just ask for such personal information and leave it for the hackers to achieve it. Pay attention to the security level of the application and make sure there are no flaws.

3.   Great Images

When it comes to Ecommerce website developers, your images combine your brand and your product with each other. A very usual slip-up made here is that individuals incline to save expenses experienced on a professional photographer. Taking snaps of product images from mobile or making use of poor quality or stock image will upset your company’s image. You need to make sure that your value is well connected to your images.

4.   Social Media Integration

People dislike the action. The lengthier questionnaire you provide them the superior inducement they will have to bounce the process and select the app they have previously registered for. With the help of social media integration, you can also simplify the registration and login process. Moreover, you can allow users to share their great shopping experience on social media which can help you achieve subsequent and tit-for-tat fame.

5.   Easy Checkout

The regular cart desegregation rate is only 67.91%. This is usually due to rating concerns, competition, search for the best options and many more. With a complex evaluation process, you simply provide your customers with a different reason to ignore your cart. Continue The checkout process is very simple, straightforward and clean. Likewise, you must make sure that you provide all the choices that the user wants to start the transaction. You can also provide an integral mobile wallet system to make the process as smooth as possible.

Also know the 5 reasons ecommerce importance for your business and how you can get the good from getting online this year!

Widen Your Brand

E-commerce is a perfect way to take your brand to the world’s top market. By offering the best products 24 hours throughout the day as well as online consumer service, blogs and social media, no expand is your business one remarkable store, with an online existing your business can be the homemade of your products and the universal home of your. Business that allow you to totally develop your product varieties without having to apprehension about relocating locations or distressing about not being able to grow your business.

More Convenient

All day store the online store exists, which means that your customers can visit your store for all time, deciding what their schedule is. Today, people do not every time have the time to physically go for shopping, in spite of increasingly people are opting to shop online to locate the items they need and if your business can provide this for your consumers there’s no you must not attract to a broader range of clienteles all searching for an accessible and flexible experience.

Enhance Your Reach

Because of the convenience of the internet, thousands of people around the world can test your website at any point, which means that those who grow their business and expand a large audience, you have many opportunities to work. Compare the amount you pull through a highway store or local ad without a website, if you are looking to increase your reach you should not focus on getting your business receiving receiving online.

Provides You Marketing Opportunities

Your website is one of the greatest marketing tools for your growing business has, this not only can the utilize the SEO when designing your site that heads to more possibilities of your business that is establishing in search engines, but a vast number of marketing practices can also function together with your website, comprising pay per click advertising, your social media marketing these entire comprise of links back to your website.

High Scalable

As your business grows almost certainly you want to nurture your product choice and your target audience, as well as grow your business to meet customer needs and customer demands. An ecommerce website let you measure your business as per as, enabling you to add more lines, comprise more payment choices and although develop when you opt to deliver without any concern about transforming your location or relocating to a bigger property as you could with a brick and mortar store.